[PDF, MP3] Giáo trình nghe Hán ngữ | 《汉语听力教程》(一年级教材)

[PDF] Vui học chữ Hán | Fun with chinese characters (in three volumes)

Fun with chinese characters (in three volumes)
Publisher: Infini Pr Llc (February 2004)
Language: English, Mandarin Chinese
ISBN-10: 193245702X
ISBN-13: 978-1932457025
Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 7.2 x 7 inches File: PDF


Fun with Chinese Characters (in three volumes) makes learning Chinese characters entertaining and memorable! Every page contains all the information you need to learn a Chinese character: the origin (etymology) of a character, its description and an entertaining illustration by cartoonist Tan Huay Peng. Knowing the origin greatly simplify the recognition the characters. The cartoons which accompany each character are often comical and clever. Examples of how the character is used in compound phrases are offered. First volume contains an in-depth introduction on the genesis of the characters. The third volume contains index of all 480 characters and their location.

The characters are written in traditional and simplified characters and has romanized pinyin pronunciation. Stroke orders, definition and example sentence make this book a valuable resource. Learning Chinese characters has never been so much fun!

Vui học chữ Hán | Fun with chinese characters (in three volumes):

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